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Where Kara Loryn Photography comes from and why I love what I do.

Why Catholic Wedding Photography? There are so many different types of photography and so many different niches to zero in on so where does the focus on Catholic wedding photography come from? I’m so glad you asked!

Introducing something new

Hi friend, I’m Kara of Kara Loryn Photography, LLC, a rebranded Catholic Wedding Photography company based in Virginia. Even though my company is new, I’m no newbie to photography. 

I’ve been photographing weddings (among other things) for years now but things changed back in 2020 (and not just in the worldwide pandemic kind of way)!

In 2020, I had our daughter Bella and a new world of possibilities began opening up for me. The dream of becoming a business owner started to become a reality beginning with my passion for photography.

Christine and Carlos pray in front of a cruxifix at their wedding in a Catholic church and kiss after saying their vows.

How I zeroed in on Catholic wedding photography

To say that the idea came to me in prayer is an understatement: it was there in so many ways but God really made things clear!

I had left my job in ministry but still felt a desire to serve other Catholics and blending my love of my Catholic faith, the Sacrament of marriage and photography just clicked!

With many opportunities to second shoot weddings, my love for photographing weddings began to expand as I realized why I loved it so much: it was the couples I had the opportunity to photograph.

Telling the stories of those couples through photography, being able to be a witness to their Sacrament and serving my couples through being present and available on such an important day of their lives brings me so much joy!

I realized that my passion and my faith blend perfectly to serve Catholic couples preparing for marriage and from there, Kara Loryn Photography, LLC was born!

A couple smiles at each other and receives a blessing from a Catholic priest during their wedding.How can I serve you?

I believe so strongly in the sacredness of marriage and in the Catholic sacrament that I focus my business on Catholic wedding photography. 

I believe that every couple getting married in the Church should have the support of a photographer who shares their beliefs and who knows which shots are the most sacred to capture. 

Finally, I believe that those photos show not only the love between you but the love God has for each of us and how you’re witnessing His love to the world through your marriage.

So from the initial inquiry to that final gallery (and beyond!) I’m here to be one of your biggest advocates!

I’m determined to be someone who is not only photographing your wedding but who is praying for you and supporting you as your prepare for your wedding (and your marriage too!).

A couple prays before a first look at their wedding and inside a Catholic church receive a blessing from a priest.

Where to go from here

So if you’re an engaged Catholic couple just getting started in your search for a photographer, you’re in the right place! 

Head on over to my website to check out where I serve, how I can best support you and to fill out the inquiry form! I’d love to talk with you and get to know you better whether it be over the phone, video-call, or even in-person!

In the meantime, please know that I’m praying for you and your upcoming marriage!


December 7, 2023

Why Catholic Wedding Photography?

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