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We had the honor of photographing a wedding last summer for my sister’s best friends from college. You’ll quickly notice that this was a very unique wedding! Katie and Josh (along with my sister, Kyna) both majored in theater at George Mason University. Since they both don’t have religious backgrounds they felt that it would be most appropriate to incorporate their mutual love of theater into the biggest day of their lives.

They wrote an entire play to share with their wedding guests their life story. Each bridesmaid and groomsmen pairing played Katie and Josh for each year that they have been together through both their dating and engagement. It was such a special and unique way to see how they have grown as a couple. One of the most beautiful moments of the play was when Katie’s sister sang a tribute to their mother who passed away during their time dating. It was clear that this was very impactful on their relationship.

We can’t wait to see how their story continues in marriage!


May 1, 2019

katie + josh: wedding at the state theatre

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