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When Christie asked John and me to photograph her wedding, I was both excited and nervous! I hadn’t taken pictures of a full wedding in almost 2 years. I felt so honored to be able to take part in her day this way especially considering the circumstances with Covid-19. John and I quickly discussed how to make the day work considering this time we would had a 4 month old to worry about as well!

It was a busy day but such a light in this crazy time. And friends, let me just say this – even a world-wide pandemic cannot prevent the love of God to come into our hearts as long as we continue to seek his will. Christie and Carlos showed us that! Why wait until the end of a pandemic to get married? If our call in marriage is to be a witness of God’s love and light in the world then I think you would agree that this is a time we may need it the most. I hope you are inspired by the joy you witness in these pictures!

November 18, 2020

christie + carlos: a christ-centered pandemic wedding

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