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I’m about to let you in on a little secret for how I direct my engagement sessions! When I first meet each of the bride and groom to be for our session, I always say the most important tip to lay down the foundation of our session: “focus on each other”! Friends, this is the secret magic sauce that allows all of my couples to loosen up and sometimes forget that I am there (that is until I squeal out of excitement and joy for the amazing moments I just witnessed and captured on camera).

Getting a glimpse into Bella and Adrian’s relationship and most evidently their friendship but literally the most fun I’ve had. They were so ready to just lean in and show off everything that makes them THEM.

From their amazing partner dancing as I blasted one of their potential first songs to the super fun Taco Bell snack break in front of what I called my “little Paris” view – it brought me so much joy and reminded me why I do what I do.

Here’s what they had to say to a couple of questions when I was getting to know them:

How did you meet?

Our families have lived across the street from each other on a lovely street called Murphy Terrace since 2004. Our older brothers, Vaughn and Christian, are best friends. In Elementary School, my mom asked Adrian’s mom if Adrian could walk me to the bus stop every morning to keep me safe. The doorbell would ring and a quiet soul would show up to my front stoop, wearing shorts (even in 30 degree weather) and walk six feet behind me all the way to the corner of our street. Growing up our exchanges would consist of a casual hello, sup, or hey neighbor. He even drove me home for Thanksgiving during my freshman year of Virginia Tech. Fast forward to November of 2021, and I found myself in need of a plus one to a work dinner. My parents were out of town and so my dad said “Oh here’s an idea… why don’t you bring Adrian?” We ate live octopus, sang ABBA on the drive home, and the rest is history.

What is your engagement story? 

On our one year anniversary, Adrian told me he made reservations at a cool spot in Middleburg. He showed up to my house at 9:30 sharp wearing a nice outfit. Instead of parking his car across the street at his parents’ house like he normally does, he made up an excuse for parking on the street near the bus stop he walked me to when we were kids. He started to get real nostalgic during our walk, and told me that if he had known he was going to be walking with the love of his life back then, he would have walked right beside me versus 6 feet behind. We got to the corner, he got down on one knee and proposed. I said YES!

Bella and Adrian will be getting married in Manassas, Virginia at All Saints Catholic Church and (no doubt!) partying the night away at the incredible Brentsville Hall on April 6, 2024!

April 5, 2024

Bella + Adrian Engagement Session in Middleburg, Virginia

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