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Friends, I am so excited to be sharing a bit of one of my engaged couple’s stories in a new way!

I met Lilly and her family this past year when John and I moved back to my hometown of Woodbridge and we started getting involved at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Lilly has a BEAUTIFUL voice and we are now on the worship team together for the 9am Mass. It’s been one of my favorite things to sing and worship the Lord with her every week. When I found out that she was engaged, I was so excited that she wanted me to take her engagement photos! We decided to do their session at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA.

While I could share her and Jaden’s story myself, I thought it would be special for you all to hear their own words. I’ll be honest that I got this idea from my chaplain at John and my wedding. Fr. Peter emailed out these same questions to us when we were in marriage prep. He had us email our answers separately for him to read on our wedding day as apart of his homily. That was the first time that John and I heard each other’s answer to the questions and it was really special. (Perhaps, we will share those again on my blog in the future!)

With that said, I sent these questions to Lilly + Jaden and the first time they will be reading each other’s answers is when they read this post!

I hope that you are just as inspired by their love and their desire to glorify the Lord through their relationship just as much as I am.

If you like the format of this, let me know and I’ll plan to interview more of my couples in the future. 🙂


Question #1: When, where and how did you meet?

LILLY – Jaden and I met the fall of 2018 when we went on a Lifeteen retreat with our church. Jaden and his friend came up to my friends and I on the bus ride there but I noticed Jaden had left soon after. Naturally I went up and introduced myself to the cute boy sitting alone.

JADEN – We met when we were freshman in high school at a Lifeteen church retreat. We met because one of my friends that was there wanted to talk to a group of girls there, I elected to stay behind and Lilly actually came up to me to introduce herself


Question #2: What was the first impression you had and how has that changed over time?

LILLY – I first thought Jaden was kind and funny but very reserved. I thought he was so cute because in the bus the reason he left was because our friends were getting super flirty and he didn’t want part in that. He has always been a very respectful boy and over the years I’ve seen him form into such an amazing man. He has such a big heart, a contagious joy and an unshakable loyalty to the people he loves. Through all of this Jaden’s faith and how he leads me in my faith has grown the most.


JADEN – My first impression of Lilly was that she was a nice but shy girl, but throughout the years I have realized that she is one of the most outgoing, compassionate, caring people I have ever met.

Question #3: When did you realize you wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other?

LILLY – When i knew Jaden was “the one”, I was in a dark place in my life. Even though we weren’t dating and he lived across the country, it sounded crazy at the time but I couldn’t imagine my future without him. God led us to each other and that was all the affirmation I needed to know that I was to be Jaden’s wife.


JADEN – I was always serious in my relationship with Lilly even as a freshman but I’d say the moment I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her would be in our junior year of high school where through a lot of self reflection and prayer God revealed to me that Lilly was indeed the person that I was designed for.

Question #4: Where is God in your relationship?

LILLY – God has been and will always be #1 in our relationship and soon marriage. Jaden and I believe and acknowledge that without Him as the center, we cannot thrive. God’s will is the only thing that will make us truly happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


JADEN – God is in our relationship in many aspects. He was the reason we started dating. If it wasn’t for him we would have never gone on that retreat. We keep him apart of our relationship through prayer together as well as praying for one another separately. We have even made our own prayer to God that we say together.

Question #5:  What is happening between both of you and God when you are standing at the altar on your wedding day? How do you hope to live this out as you move forward in marriage?


LILLY – On the altar as we receive the beautiful sacrament of marriage, Jaden makes a series of promises to me that he dedicates his life to keep. I promise them back to him with every intention of staying true and keeping them. God shares in the sacrament when he gives us special graces to live out our Catholic marriage to be an example of His love for the church. God provides everything we will need to be this model of true, unconditional, undying love. In keeping our promises and embracing the marital graces, I have no doubt Jaden and I can and will live out a true marriage.


JADEN – When the both of us stand at the altar on that day we are asking God for all of His graces and inviting him into our marriage. I hope to live out the example of a strong, good, and loving marriage that honors God by being patient like God when times get hard, by being selfless enough to sacrifice anything for my wife and children, by implementing the faith in every aspect of our lives, and if God wills us for children then I will do everything in my power to bring Lilly and our children toward heaven.


November 18, 2021

lilly + jaden: the story in their words

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